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Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy the following information is deemed to be confidential:

- Personal data of the User of the Service owned by TRUSTDEALAL LTD (hereinafter referred to as the Service).
- Information about the User’s account and transactions executed through the Service.
- Information about the financial status of the Service, the profit margin, and other financial information.
- Information relating to the Service management: management practices and solutions used by the Service, methods of doing business, management tactics and strategies, etc.
- Information about the marketing policy of the Service: advertising campaigns, secret sources available to the Service and secret methods used to attract customers and partners, etc.
- Information about former, current and potential Users of the Service.
- Information about employees of the Service.
- Other data, which disclosure, transfer or leakage may inflict harm to the interests of the Service.
This Privacy Policy defines the User's right of privacy, as well as other rights related to the collection, use, storage, transfer and protection of personal data by the Service.
This Policy is applicable to the Service website and all related sites, applications, services and tools regardless of the type of access or the way they are used.
The term “personal data” is used herein to describe information related to a specific User that allows to identify that User. Information obtained from anonymous sources is not referred to as personal data, since it does not allow to identify a specific User.
Users' personal data is stored and processed on the servers of the Service. For the purposes of personal data protection, physical, technical and administrative measures are taken to prevent the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, breach of confidentiality and alteration of personal data. Security measures include a firewall and data encryption, control of physical access to personal data centers, as well as control of personal data access permissions.
The Service is entitled to provide personal data in the following cases:

- In case it is required by law enforcement agencies, other governmental authorities or persons to comply with a subpoena, court order, legal proceedings or court request.
- In case it is required by Service partners for the purposes of compliance with Service regulations or policy and/or in case we belive (at our sole discretion) that personal data provision is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial damage, report suspicion of illegal activities or investigate violations of the Agreement by the User.
Users may at any time view and edit their personal data in Personal Account settings and profile. In case the User refuses from the services provided by the Service, their account will be listed in the database as “closed”, but the Service reserves the right to retain the User’s data for a certain period of time, but not less than 5 years, for the purposes of debt collection, dispute resolution, problem solving, facilitating any kind of investigations, preventing fraud, ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Agreement concluded with the User, as well as performing other actions as required or permitted by law.
The Service may collect and request the following personal data from the User:

- Last name, first name, middle name (if any), residential address, details of the identity document, education, contact details, employment, financial information, etc.
The User and the Service shall, independently and at their discretion, for the purposes determined by them and to the extent established by them, provide each other with access to confidential information about themselves and their activities and mutually undertake to use in good faith and not to disclose information they got to know in connection with this Agreement, as well as obtained by them in any other way.
For the purposes of this Agreement the term “disclosure of confidential information” means the following:

- Provision of documents containing confidential information to third parties, including by post, fax, e-mail, via the Internet, as well as in any other way allowing to identify the content of the relevant documents.
- Provision of information deemed to be confidential to third parties orally or in writing, including by telephone, post, fax, e-mail, via the Internet, as well as in any other way allowing to identify the content of the relevant information.
- Provision of the company's confidential information to third parties in any other way.
In case the User or the Service use or disclose confidential information not in good faith, the affected Party is entitled to claim damages caused by such unfair use or disclosure of confidential information.