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1. How to register with the DCE and create an order?
It is required to create an order to be registered with the DCE. Before order creation the User shall read terms and conditions of the Agreement. Then it is required to select the currency for the exchange, purchase, and sale of Financial Instruments. Press the "Next" button to go to the next pages to continue order creation. Enter the amount of Financial Instruments you would like to sell. After that you will see information about the amount of Financial Instruments you will get, the exchange rate of the transaction and the Fee charged by the DCE. On the next page in the "Your details" lines enter reliable and true information following the tips in pop-up messages and fields. Then you will be redirected to the "Data verification" page. Check the information you entered in the Order before seding it to the DCE. If the information is correct, tick the box "I agree with the User Agreement" and press the "Continue" button. Press the "Orders" button after you are automatically redirected to the "Your orders" page. Then you will have 30 minutes to transfer Financial Instruments to the Financial Details of the DCE. In case of failure to make a payment under the Order within 30 minutes, the DCE will cancel it. After the transfer press the "I paid" button. The password to log in to the Personal Account will be sent to the email specified in the Order. If you haven't received the message, please check the Spam folder and enter the DCE's email to the list of trusted emails. You can immediately change the password to log in to your Personal Account in the “My Profile” section.

2. What is the purpose of verification?
To ensure compliance with AML/KYC Policy and requirements of TRUSTDEAL LTD, the Service may request documents for verification, if the User exceeds the limits set on transaction amounts. Provision of documents in advance will help eliminate delays in the future, when conducting transactions.
Limits, deadlines and the procedure for submitting the documents necessary for verification

1. If the one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly amount of exchange transactions is equal to or exceeds $1,500 (1,500EUR), the User shall send the identity document. The document is submitted once, before its expiration.
2. If the one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly amount of exchange transactions is equal to or exceeds $5,000 (5,000EUR), the User shall submit the document confirming the residential address. This document can be accepted only if it was issued not more than 3 (three) months ago.
3. If the total amount of exchange transactions is equal to or exceeds $20,000 (20,000EUR), but is not more than $30,000 (30,000EUR), the User shall provide a photo (selfie) with the ID document against the background of a sheet with the date and login to the Service website.
4. If the total amount of exchange transactions exceeds $30,000 (30,000EUR), the User shall submit documents confirming sources of income.
5. Documents can be uploaded to the personal account or sent to support@e-globex.org. Photocopies and/or scans of documents must have high resolution, be clear and readable.
Two (2) individal documents are required to verify the identity and address.
Documents are verified strictly during the hours of the Service. The Service is entitled to request additional documents, if during verification it turns out that the documents provided are not enough. Documents can also be sent to support@e-globex.org
3. How to cancel the order that has already been paid?
Write a message in chat “Order Issues” in the Personal Account or use the feedback form on the “Contact us” page. You can cancel the order and get back Financial Instruments unless the DCE sends a counter transfer under the Order. In case the DCE made the transfer, it is impossible to cancel the order.

4. How much does it take the DCE to make a transfer under the order?
Orders for making transactions with Financial Instruments are accepted around the clock.
Orders are processed and funds are sent from 9 am to 5 pm GMT +3 every day, except Saturday and Sunday. On average orders related to money transfer systems are processed on weekdays within 1-5 hours, provided that the transfer is made till 1 pm. If the transfer is made at 1 pm or later the order will be processed and funds will be sent on the next business day. All transfers made on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday.
5. How to make secure against DCE clone websites?
Our official website of the DCE is https://e-globex.org. This address is unique. Website mirrors do not exist and are not planned.

6. What is "Personal Account" and what are its functions?
It is a set of protected pages on the DCE's website created after User's registration, using which the User is able to send an Order to buy, sell or exchange Financial Instruments. Information about open and canceled Orders to buy, sell or exchange Financial Instruments and other information provided for by Website functions are displayed in the Personal Account.

7. How does the DCE work?
The website and the Support Service work around the clock without breaks and holidays 7 days a week.

8. Who can I get in touch if I have questions or suggestions?
You can send a message via the feedback form on page "Contact us" or send a message in our chat. The time for consideration and sending a reply to an appeal depends on whether the problem is described in detail and in full, but can not exceed 24 hours.