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Digital Cryptocurrency Exchange E-GLOBEX (website: https://e-globex.org) is a virtual platform for financial instruments selling, buying and exchange owned by Closed Joint Stock Company TRUSTDEAL LTD registered in accordance with the Companies Act 2006 of England and Wales under No.11616584, which registered office is at 3 GOWER STREET, LONDON WC1E 6HA.

This User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) governs the relationship between the User and the Digital Cryptocurrency Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the DCE) located on the Internet at the following network address e-globex.org.
By using website https://e-globex.org and services offered by it the User agrees that he/she has read, understood, unconditionally accepted and agreed with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and also undertakes to comply with these terms and conditions.
This Agreement contains all substantial terms and conditions and is an offer to the User to conclude an agreement with the DCE on the terms and conditions specified herein.


1.1. The following terms and definitions are used in this Agreement:
a) Profile is User's data required to log in and use the DCE, i.e. login, password, e-mail and other data specified during and after registration with the DCE.
b) Personal Account is a set of protected pages in the DCE created after User's registration, using which the User is able to send an Order to buy, sell or exchange Financial Instruments. Information about open and cancelled Orders to buy, sell or exchange Financial Instruments and other information provided for by Website functions are displayed in the Personal Account.
d) Financial Instrument is fiat (money) funds, Cryptocurrencies and tokens used to make Transactions.
e) Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency, creation and control of which is based on cryptographic methods with a decentralized accounting system, distributed in the absence of a single issuer of such currency directly between holders of such currency.
g) Exchange Rate is the ratio of the amount of Financial Instruments offered to the User by the DCE and the purchase, sale and exchange price for Financial Instruments.
h) Financial Details are information necessary for the transfer of Financial Instruments (addresses for Cryptocurrency receipt, bank accounts, bank card numbers, EPS wallets, information for sending or receiving funds through a money transfer system, etc.).;
k) User is a website user, who is legally capable in accordance with the laws of the country a citizen of which he or she is and can make transactions.
l) Website is a set of programs for electronic computers and other information contained in the information system, access to which is provided through the information and telecommunications network "Internet" (hereinafter referred to as the Internet) based on domain names and/or network addresses that allow identifying websites on the Internet.
m) Network Address is an identifier in the data transmission network, which determines the subscriber terminal or other means of communication included in the information system when rendering telematic communications services.
n) Transaction means actions of Users aimed at exchange on a paid-for basis, acquisition or alienation of the right to Cryptocurrencies and Tokens, i.e. conclusion of contracts for the purchase, sale, and exchange of Financial Instruments.
o) DCE is digital cryptocurrency exchange.
p) System is a set of software and hardware used by the DCE in automatic mode to process transactions made by the User in the Personal Account.
q) Agreement is this User Agreement.
r) Parties are the DCE and the User.
t) Tariffs are information about the fee charged by the DCE posted on the Internet and available at the following network address: e-globex.org.
u) Limit is the standard, a quantitative restriction imposed on certain characteristics of transactions made through the DCE aimed at purchase, sale, and exchange of Cryptocurrencies or Tokens.
When the limit is set, the DCE determines the following parameters:
 Limit indicator.
 Indicator measurement - how the indicator will be calculated.
 Limit value of the indicator.
s) Order is information provided by the User to the DCE that is necessary for making a transaction with Financial Instruments.
1.2. Terms and definitions not mentioned and found herein shall be interpreted by the Parties literally, in accordance with the legislation and/or good business practices established on the Internet.


2.1. The DCE provides services for the purchase, sale, and exchange of Financial Instruments on a paid-for basis to Users.
2.2. Transactions shall be made through the DCE at the established Exchange Rate on the basis of the Order sent by the User to the DCE. An Order sent to the DCE shall contain information about the Financial Instrument, its amount, and Financial Details for Financial Instrument sending and receipt.
2.3. A Transaction made through the DCE cannot be cancelled, if the Parties received everything due under the Transaction, and bilateral restitution under the Transaction made is not possible. A Transaction is deemed to be made at the moment of Financial Instruments sending by the DCE under the Order to the Financial Details of the User.
2.4. The DCE is entitled to recalculate the amount of Financial Instruments due to the User under orders aimed at making transactions on the purchase, sale or exchange of Cryptocurrency or Tokens. Recalculation shall be conducted in accordance with the Exchange Rate of the Cryptocurrency or Tokens specified on the DCE website at the time of Financial Instruments crediting to the network details of the DCE. This condition is necessary due to high volatility of market exchange rates of Cryptocurrency and Tokens.
Cryptocurrency or Tokens are deemed to be credited in the accounts of the DCE upon receipt of seven network confirmations.
2.5. The DEC shall set certain limits for making one-time transactions with Users that will be taken into account by the System when creating an order. In case of these Limits are exceeded, the DCE will not accept the order.


3.1. The DCE shall charges a Fee for its services when making transactions, which is set in the form of Tariffs. The Fee for the services provided by the DCE shall be deducted from the amount of Financial Instruments sent by the User to the Financial Details of the DCE.
3.2. Information on the current Tariffs is specified on the DCE website at the following network address: e-globex.org


4.1. The User is entitled to cancel a Transaction until Financial Instruments are sent by the DCE and get back the Financial Instruments sent under the Order minus the DCE Fee and the costs associated with the refund to the User’s network details.
4.2. In case a failure occurs when making a transaction, the User shall notify the DCE Support Service about it within 3 days.
4.3 When registering on the DCE website the User shall undertake the following obligations:
 To comply with the terms and conditions hereof.
 To comply with all applicable laws on combating money laundering and terrorism financing including, but not limited to, the AML/CTF Act, and follow all associated rules and regulations.
 The User agrees that he/she has no information or suspicions regarding the fact that the funds used to make transactions in the past, present or future are obtained from an illegal source or somehow related to legalization of proceeds obtained illegally or as a result of unlawful activities prohibited by the current legislation or guidelines of any international organization.
 The User agrees that he/she is not a resident of the United States of America, Cuba, Crimea and Sebastopol, Iran, Syria, Sudan, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), and any other country, which legislation prohibits or restricts the services offered by the DCE.


5.1. When making transactions the administration of the DCE shall comply with international laws on combating money laundering and terrorism financing (AML/CTF Acts).
5.2. For the purposes of activities aimed at combating money laundering and terrorism financing the administration of the DCE shall be guided by the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism of December 9, 1999, the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances of December 20, 1988, the Council of Europe Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of the Proceeds from Crime of November 8, 1990, the European Directive 91/308 on prevention of the use of the financial system for the purpose of money laundering of June 10, 1991 and other AML/CTF Acts.
5.3. In accordance with AML/CTF Acts, the DCE Administration will conduct initial and regular checks of Users' identity (identification) based on the level of potential risk associated with each User.

The DCE Administration will require each DCE User to provide minimum information confirming his/her identity and will store this information indicating the methods and results of the check. The DCE Administration will inform Users about any and all inconsistencies found or suspicions that may arise during their identification.
The minimum set of identification data includes:

- Client's full name.
- Client's date of birth.
- Client's citizenship.
- Client's residential address.
- Client's business occupation, financial soundness.

5.4. To confirm and verify the authenticity of the above data, the DCE Administration is entitled to request the following data from the User:

- Valid passport.
- National identity card (driver's license, military card, etc.).;
- A document confirming the address of permanent residence at a given time (confirmation of payment for utilities, bank statement, etc.).
- The User's selfie with documents confirming his/her identity.


6.1. Data of Users are stored and processed on DCE servers. To protect data, physical, technical and administrative measures are taken to prevent the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, violation of confidentiality and change of personal data. Security measures include use of a firewall and data encryption, control of physical access to personal data centres, and control of authorization to access personal data.
6.2. The DCE is entitled to provide your data to the following persons:
- Law enforcement agencies, other state authorities or persons in accordance with a subpoena, court order or other judicial proceedings or court demand.
- DCE partners for the purposes of compliance with legislative regulations or DCE policy and/or on the grounds (in our personal discretion) that transfer of personal data is necessary to prevent physical harm or financial loss, to report suspicion of unlawful activities or to investigate violations of the Agreement by the User.
6.3. The User is entitled to view and edit his/her personal data at any time in the settings and Personal Account. In case the User refuses to use the DCE's services, his/her Profile will be listed as "closed" in the database, but the DCE reserves the right to store the User's data for a certain period of time, but not less than 5 years for the purposes of debts collection, disputes resolution, elimination of problems, provision of assistance of any kind in investigations, prevention of fraud, enforcement of Agreement provisions, as well as performance of other actions, as provided or permitted by the requirements of the legislation.
6.4. The DCE is entitled to collect and request from the User the following personal data:
- First name, last name, middle name (if any), residential address, data of the identity document, education, contact details, employment data, financial information, etc.
6.5. The User and the DCE independently and at their own discretion, to pursue the goals defined by them and within the scope set by them, shall provide each other with access to confidential information about themselves and their activities, and undertake to use the information that came to their knowledge in connection with the execution of this Agreement, as well as received by them in any other way, in good faith and avoid to disclose it.
6.6. For the purposes of this Agreement "Disclosure of Confidential Information" means the following:
- Transfer of corresponding documents containing confidential information to third parties by post, fax, e-mail, via the Internet, or by any other means that allows to identify the content of the corresponding documents.
- Transfer of information treated as confidential to third persons either orally or in writing by telephone, post, fax, e-mail, via the Internet, or by any other means that allows to identify the content of the corresponding information.
- Transfer of the Company's confidential information by any other means to third persons.
5.7. In case of unfair use or disclosure of confidential information by the User or the DCE, the aggrieved Party is entitled to seek recovery of losses caused to it by such unfair use or disclosure of confidential information.


7.1. The DCE shall not be held liable to the User, if circumstances of insuperable force occur.
Circumstance of insuperable force (force majeure) are extraordinary, unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances that arose during the implementation of contractual obligations, could not be reasonably expected when entering into the agreement or contract, avoided or overcome, as well as those ones beyond the control of the Parties to such an agreement or contract.
In particular, such circumstances include natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane), fire, mass diseases (epidemics), strikes, military actions, terrorist acts, sabotage, traffic restrictions, prohibitive measures of states, trade ban, including prohibition to trade with certain countries due to the adoption of international sanctions, criminal acts of third persons, failures in Internet operation and other circumstances that do not depend on the will of the Parties to the agreement or contract.
7.2. The User shall bear all risks associated with Transactions using Financial Instruments made through the DCE. The DCE shall not be held liable to the User for losses, lost benefits and other costs associated with fluctuations in exchange rates of financial instruments.
7.3. The DCE is not a tax agent. Using the services of the DCE, the User is solely responsible for paying taxes in accordance with the tax legislation of the country of his/her residence.
7.4. The DCE shall not be held liable to the User, in case the User transfers Financial Instruments under an Order to incorrect Financial Details.
7.5. The DCE shall not be held liable to the User for losses or lost benefits resulting from errors and/or slow operation of the website or failure to reach the website on the Internet.
7.6. Information about DCE partners and/or third-party websites posted on the DCE's website is of an advertising nature and the DCE shall not be held liable for their activities.
7.7. The DCE shall not be held liable for losses, lost profits, etc., in case of denial of service and/or blocking of the User's Profile in the following cases:
- Violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
- Making suspicious transactions and/or suspicion of legalization of proceeds of crime and financing of terrorism.
- Other cases provided for by the Agreement.


8.1. The Parties shall endeavour to resolve all disputes, controversies and claims that may arise in connection with the execution, termination or invalidation of this Agreement by way of negotiations.
8.2. The Party, which has any claims and/or disputes, shall send a message to the other Party by e-mail indicating the claims and/or disputes.
8.3 In the event no response was received by the Party that sent the message within 30 (thirty) days from the date of sending the corresponding message or the Parties fail to come to an agreement with respect to the claims and/or disputes, the dispute shall be subject to settlement through the courts at the location of the DCE.


9.1. The Service is entitled to unilaterally alter and/or supplement the terms and conditions of this Agreement and Tariffs at any time without prior notice, with such alterations taking effect immediately after the alterations are published on the website of the DCE.
9.2. Before each subsequent use of the DCE the User shall get familiarized with this Agreement and Tariffs. Proceeding to use the DCE means the User's agreement with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including its revisions.


10.1. The DCE is entitled to deny services provision to the User without giving reasons.
10.2. The DCE is entitled to suspend or cancel a transaction, if law enforcement agencies provide information that the User owns Financial Instruments without authority or other information containing data that makes it impossible for the DCE to provide services to the User.
10.3. In case the User violates the terms of this Agreement, the DCE is entitled to suspend or cancel the Transaction.
10.4. The DCE is entitled unilaterally, without giving reasons, deny making a transaction to the User and return the Financial Instruments received under the Order minus the costs associated with returning the Financial Instruments to the User’s Financial Details.


11.1. The DCE contains results of intellectual activity owned by its developer, its affiliated persons and other related parties, sponsors, partners, representatives, all other persons acting on behalf of the DCE, and other third parties.
11.2. Using the DCE the User agrees that the DCE, its contents and structure of the DCE's website are protected by copyright, trademark and other rights to the results of intellectual activity, and these rights are valid and protected by law.
11.3. Rights to any content of DCE's website shall not be transferred to the User as a result of its use and conclusion of the Agreement.


12.1. The DCE is available around the clock 7 days a week. The DCE shall inform the User about temporary termination of operation (scheduled maintenance, system update) in the Personal Account in the "News" section.
12.2. Orders for making transactions with Financial Instruments are accepted around the clock.
Orders are processed and funds are sent from 9 am to 5 pm GMT +3 every day, except Saturday and Sunday. On average orders related to money transfer systems are processed on weekdays within 1-5 hours, provided that the transfer is made till 1 pm. If the transfer is made at 1 pm or later the order will be processed and funds will be sent on the next business day. All transfers made on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday. It takes from 30 minutes to 24 hours to credit funds sent using a bank card in accounts. Bank transfers (wire transfers) take an average of 1 to 5 days. Delays are only possible for reasons dependent on the issuing bank.
12.3. The Parties shall exchange documents in electronic form via communication channels of the Internet to the network details of the Parties. Network details of the DCE are available on DCE's website at the following network address: e-globex.org. The User's network details shall be specified by the User during registration with the DCE and are available in his/her Personal Account.
Documents, notifications and messages are deemed to be received by the Parties, if they are sent to the network details.
12.4. This Agreement shall enter into force upon registration of the User with the DCE and creation of the User's Personal Account.
11.5. Should any provision of the Agreement become juridically acknowledged as invalid or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of other provisions of the Agreement.